Tokyo Munchies


You got the munchies? We got the munchies! Tokyo Munchies seeks and supplies you with all the Japanese munchies you could ever want straight from the heart of Tokyo! Fill that craving today! 

Tokyo Munchies was founded in 2015 in the heart of Tokyo, Japan. We strive to find the best Japanese candy, chocolate and snacks for you and provide first class service to ensure you enjoy shopping with us as much as you enjoy your Tokyo Munchies. 

We ship via Japan Post, one of the most reliable if not best postal service in the world. Orders are shipped using the SAL shipping system of Japan Post. SAL is the most economic shipping method but does not provide a tracking number. If you require a tracking number please inform us prior to placing your order. 

Advising Tokyo Munchies of the correct shipping address is responsibility of the customer and we are not held accountable to refund or replace orders that have been shipped to an incorrect address supplied by the consumer.

Deliveries generally take 2 -3 weeks so please bear that in mind when ordering. 

Payment is received via secure PayPal. Our PayPal email address is All inquiries should be sent to 

Business dealings: Once your order is placed and we have sent the shipping confirmation email, all sales are completed. When the shipping email is sent we operate on a ' No return/No refund ' Basis. 

Business dealings .1 : ' Operational proceedings in ' Good Faith ' We operate as any other business operates and that is in ' Good Faith ' we respect your privacy and your details are kept secure. In ' Good Faith ' means that once your order is shipped, it is shipped. We are not held accountable for delays or lost items. We ship with Japan Post, one of the best postal services in the world. Once it has been shipped by Japan Post, orders are subjected to the operational procedures of the postal service that operates in your country. 
Most orders are returned within 30 days of non delivery, if we do not receive a non delivery order, the order is deemed lost/stolen. We are not held accountable for lost/stolen orders but will do our best to work with you to resolve it.  

Business dealings .2 : Fair Communication practices. Tokyo Munchies is located in central Tokyo Japan. We operate in a bilingual environment. Our staff can speak English and are happy to communicate with you. Please bear in mind that we do not tolerate abusive, dismissive or other wise deemed demanding and offensive messages. We will ignore any communications of this nature. So, to put is easily, be nice to us and our staff, and we will be nice to you. ^^