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Kit Kat - Special Sakura 5 pack

24.99 USD
Kit Kat - Special Sakura 5 pack
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Kit Kat - Special Sakura 5 pack

24.99 USD

Kit Kat - Special Sakura flavor! ^^ 
In anticipation of Spring, Kit Kat Japan has released an early Sakura flavor. Kit Kats pronunciation in Japanese sounds like ' Kitto Katto ' which translates to " you will surely win! " so Kit Kats are seen as a good luck chocolate in Japan. ^^ This new flavor and design is inspired by the tube you recieve your Diploma in upon Graduation and it includes a pretty cute Sakura shaped key ring made out of wood from an actual Sakura tree! :D A great gift to give to someone about to graduate or just a gift to give to yourself. ;) 

Get one while you can! :D

Allergen Information:
This product manufacturing factory manufactures products including nuts such as almonds.
Other information:
Sakuraba perfume, strawberry perfume use
Size: width: 64 mm length: 64 mm height: 300 mm