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KIT KAT - Sublime - Ruby

14.99 USD
KIT KAT - Sublime - Ruby
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KIT KAT - Sublime - Ruby

14.99 USD
NEW PRODUCT!!! LIMITED EDITION!!!  For those lovers of Kit Kats on a ' Sublime ' level, introducing the new Ruby Sublime. Sublime is the Kit Kat that is hand crafted by master patissiers. A truly divine experience. The New Ruby Kit Kat, by exception is made with Ruby cacao beans and are the source of the world’s “fourth type of chocolate”, after dark, milk and white. 

This is a Nestle exclusive chocolate, years in development and hours of craftsmanship has gone into creating a new ' Breed ' of chocolate and Kit Kat Ruby Sublime is what we have all been waiting for. 

We have exclusive access and are leaving our stock level at 'Unlimited' but please bear in mind we are doing this for you as only 50 are available a day and we want you to have a first in best dressed access. 

Order now and be the first in the world to experience the Ruby Chocolate Revolution! 

Love Chocolate? We do! :D 

. A taste only enjoyed by a select few. Are you one? ;)

* Limited to 50 packs per day.

* Shipping is worldwide, 2 - 3 weeks delivery time. Shipping is charged at $4.99 per an item then an additional $2.99 for identical items.  

Allergen information:
○Ingredients used in this product include milk, wheat, soybean, and almond.
○Products containing eggs, almonds, hazelnuts, and other types of nuts are produced at the factory that manufactures this product.