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Lotte - Gift Box

34.99 USD
Lotte - Gift Box
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Lotte - Gift Box

34.99 USD
NEW PRODUCT!!! SPECIAL OCCASION!!! Oo!!! Lotte brings you their 'Special Occasion' Gift box! :D Lotte make the famous Koala's March biscuits as well as a range of awesome snacks like, pie fruit, chocolate pie and others, in a cute gift box set!

It makes for that awesome present to give to kids or anyone else that you feel needs a Special gift. ;) And only ' you ' can give it, so extra boasting points for you when it comes to who gives who the best gift. :D 

Gift Box contents:
【Toppo】x 1
【Koala's March Chocolate】x 1 
【Pie's fruit】x 1 
【Chocolate pie】 x 1  
【Fu ~ Sen noodle Blueberry Gumi Candy] x 1  
【Almond chocolate】x 1
【Ghana milk】 x 1 
【Chopping salt caramel】x 1  
【Crunky Chocolate】x 1  
【Xylitol tablet Mints】x 1
【Xylitol Chewing Gum 'Grape'】x 1  

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