Tokyo Munchies

Tokyo Munchies - Gold Member

699 USD
Tokyo Munchies - Gold Member
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Tokyo Munchies - Gold Member

699 USD

So you tried Japanese candy, chips and chocolate and you tried the monthly subscription boxes, well how about something different?

Join Tokyo Munchies exclusive Golden Member club! No pesky monthly credit card fees or charges, just a one time cost and you'll recevie a Tokyo Munchies Pack every month for one year shipped on the first of each month!

As a Gold Member you'll get a 20 pack of Tokyo Munchies sent straight to your door, every month. 
And as a Gold Member you'll get nothing but killer, no filler, Japanese candy goodness, plus a Gashapon or unique Japanese gift in every pack!

No hidden charges, no monthly credit card fees, just awesome Japanese snacks and candy all year round!

We offer just 10 places in our Gold Members club a year so, you feeling lucky? Do you want to be one of the choosen few?

Keep it a secret or earn bragging rights but rest assured, you'll be up to your eyeballs in awesome Japanese candy and snacks year round!

Neighbours will be asking where you get it, kids will be begging their parents for the same, but you can just sit back, relax and know that you got a box of candy coming your way straight from Tokyo!

Enjoy it just for yourself or give it as a gift. But remember, there's only 10 people in the world that has this luxury.

$699.00 and you're sitting fine for a non-stop Japanese candy, snack and chocolate extravaganza!

You think you can be a member? I know you can! :)